FROGMill™ 4-Axis CNC Router
FROGSkin™ Hard Coat System

Process Information

Our new FROG3D® system gives us the ability to create stunning products from concept through creation – without the time, labor or limitations of traditional production processes. If you are passionate about Scenic Design and are focused on building immersive environments for people to experience be it impressive themed environments for entertainment attractions; jaw-dropping displays and exhibits; experiential marketing campaigns that pack a punch; or cutting-edge sets for film, television, or live performance clients, SRS Fabrication and FROG3D® can take your projects to the next dimension.
The FROGMill™ 4-Axis CNC Router is the most powerful 4-axis CNC router available. Combined with industrial strength, unequalled quality and precision, the FROGMill™ provides you the capabilities you need to create larger and more intricate pieces. The 4th axis offers index cutting capabilities to create full 3D carvings from a single piece. Mounting directly onto FROGMill™, the 4th axis rotational capabilities enable us to go from 'art to part' in the shortest amount of time possible.
FROGSkin™ is the perfect solution for applying durable smooth or textured finishes to your architectural, sculptural or themed pieces, negative cavity molds, etc... With our specialized line of coatings, SRS Fabrication has the ultimate coating solution for all of your projects

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